Assessment Of Scaling Durability Of Concrete With CFBC


Concrete durability problems in structures can be due to environment to which the concrete structure is exposure or due to internal causes within the concrete. The following conditions causes the concrete durability problems in structures: Temperature Moisture Physical factors Chemical factors Biological factors Durability of concrete in ...

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Geopolymer Concrete manufactured using different quality fly ashes will be evaluated for the mechanical properties such as unit weight, setting time, workability, compressive strength, tensile strength, etc.This is aimed to study the variation in properties of fly ash-based geopolymer concrete (GPC) curing without elevated heat.

Concrete Durability - an overview

In many cases concrete durability is threatened by natural weathering or even by chemical attack (section 16.6.8), but only in certain locations or applications is concrete subjected to mechanical wear, including abrasion, attrition and erosion of concrete surfaces. In such places, clearly it is the quality and properties of the exposed surface ...

Clean Coal Technologies in Japan

As a result of this assessment, the development of coal liquefaction technology in Japan moved from the research stage into the practical application stage. Furthermore, development of materials and new processes are expected to significantly influence development in other industries.


Sustainability of Government Social Media: A Multi-Analytic Approach to Predict Citizens’ Mobile Government Microblog Continuance pp. 1-17 Shuiqing Yang and Xianwu Zeng Utilization of CFBC Fly Ash as a Binder to Produce In-Furnace Desulfurization Sorbent pp. 1-17 Chulseoung Baek, Junhyung Seo, Moonkwan Choi, Jinsang Cho, Jiwhan Ahn and ...

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After concrete has been placed, consolidated, and struck-off, the concrete finisher is charged with using proper finishing practices to achieve an aesthetically pleasing yet durable concrete surface. The typical recommendations for finishing are as follows: Bullfloat, darby, edge, and make initial grooves prior to the onset of bleeding.

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the concrete, enabling corrosion of the reinforcement if water is present. • The process can be accelerated if chloride is available, which acts as catalyst. • Corrosion of embedded metals in concrete can be greatly reduced by sufficient concrete cover Concrete structure Minimum cover depth [mm] Concrete cast against and permanently exposed to

Evaluation of Scaling Progress in Harbor Concrete Structure

Physical and chemical surveys of concrete were conducted on the upper crests of approximately 10 to 40 year old harbor breakwaters on coastal areas in Hokkaido to analyze the progress of scaling. These surveys indicated that concrete with a compressive strength of 35MPa or more has high resistance to scaling.

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Strength and Stiffness of Stabilized Alluvial Silt under

The Yellow River alluvial silt was stabilized into pavement base materials for cold regions. The stabilizing additives were cement, fly ash, and lime, which were included in a range of combinations and dosages when mixed with the silt. Freeze-thaw cyclic impacts were conducted on the treated samples to assess materials performance of withstanding the frost actions. The tests were …

The Influence of Fluidized Bed Combustion Fly Ash on the

Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka analyzed the influence of CFBC fly ash on the chloride and scaling resistance of concrete. She showed that the cement replacement by 15% and 30% CFBC fly ash provided higher chloride resistance, but only replacement by 15% CFBC fly …

Condition Assessment of Structures

related to the compressive strength of the concrete. Pull out tests are used to: • Determine in-situ compressive strength of the concrete • Ascertain the strength of concrete for carrying out post tensioning operations. • Determine the time of removal of forms and shores based on actual in-situ strength of the structure.

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Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka analyzed the influence of CFBC fly ash on the chloride and scaling resistance of concrete. She showed that the cement replacement by 15% and 30% CFBC fly ash provided higher chloride resistance, but only replacement by 15% CFBC fly …

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201.1R-08 Guide for Conducting a Visual Inspection of

GUIDE FOR CONDUCTING A VISUAL INSPECTION OF CONCRETE IN SERVICE 201.1R-3 2.1—Cracking Crack—a complete or incomplete separation, of either concrete or masonry, into two or more parts produced by breaking or fracturing. Cracking of concrete should be reported based on crack widths and the type of crack. 2.1.1 Crack widths—Examples of ...

Characterization of a Marl-Type Cement Raw Meal as CO2

The use of cement raw meals as sorbent precursors for CO2 capture can reinforce the synergies between the cement production process and calcium looping CO2 capture technology. In this work, we measure the CO2-carrying capacity of different calcined samples of a particular marl, which were obtained under very different calcination conditions and setups (a thermogravimetric …

Durability of Concrete in Saline Environment

Besides studies of the surface scaling at field exposure, field exposed concrete is also tested for resistance to salt scaling in a standard laboratory test (the Borås Method, SS 13 72 44) 19,101. 11 Reinforced concrete slabs, height l 00 cm, width 70 cm, thickness 10-20 cm, are mounted on the sides of the pontoons. A submerged-a

Environmental impact and durability of carbonated calcium

Aug 04, 2019 · This paper also summarises the performance and durability of CSC-C and OPC concrete (OPC-C). Freeze–thaw and scaling resistance were evaluated as per ASTM C666 and ASTM C672, respectively, the concentrations of ionic species leached from the concretes were measured, efflorescence was evaluated in pavers partially submerged in water, and the ...

Risk of concrete scaling during freeze/thaw cycles

Risk of concrete scaling during freeze/thaw cycles in presence of de-icing salt 1. Introduction There is a risk of scaling degradation for concrete that is subjected to freeze/thaw cycles in the presence of de-icing salts (NaCL, CaCl2). However, scaling is also sometimes observed in concrete that is subjected to freezing and thawing

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Roads and Bridges – Drogi i Mosty, 12 ,1, 2013, 83 - 97 Yazici H.: The effect of silica fume and high-volume class C fly ash on mechanical properties, chloride penetration and freeze-thaw resistance of self-compacting concrete.

Effect of finishing practices on surface structure and salt

Assessment of concrete bleeding duration is of interest to field engineers and future work may include conducting the proposed testing method in different weather conditions. In addition, more research is required to investigate the effect of slag replacement on salt scaling resistance of concrete.

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The data invariably show the importance of the binder type in terms of resistance to chloride ingress and the protection conferred on embedded steel reinforcement, however, the overall performance of SCM concrete was equivocal as high replacement levels were observed to lead to increased surface deterioration (scaling) in some cases.

Fracture energy evolution of two concretes resistant to the

of concrete subjected to the action of freeze-thaw cycles. This material property is highly significant, since the cracking and its evolution over time have a direct influence on the durability and the mechani-cal behaviour of concrete. Currently, assessment of durability of concrete . in freeze-thaw cycles is carried out by using two

Kinetic Study of Belite Formation in Cement Raw Meals Used

Calcium looping technology could be one of the most efficient ways to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of cement manufacture since CaCO3 is a major component of the raw meal used to produce clinker. However, calcined raw meal can be a poor CO2 sorbent due to the fact that the formation of Ca2SiO4 (belite) causes a reduction in the amount of free CaO. Effective reaction …

(PDF) Automatic categorization of chloride migration into

Automatic categorization of chloride migration into concrete modified with CFBC ash Article (PDF Available) in Computers and Concrete 9(5) · May 2012 with 68 Reads How we measure 'reads'

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Evaluation of Potential Long-Term Durability of Joints Cut

Compressive strength cylinders were also cast and tested at 3, 7, and 28 days. In addition, cores were retrieved from joints throughout the test section and a battery of durability tests—including petrographic analysis, freeze–thaw testing, and resistance to salt scaling—was conducted.

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Comparative Life Cycle Assessment Of Conventional And Green Seal Certified Products (Abstract #12) Amit Kapur and Cheryl Baldwin Green Seal is a non-profit organization that has developed life cycle based sustainability certification standards as per ISO 14020 and ISO 14024 for over 180 categories of products and services.

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Assessment of scaling durability of concrete with CFBC ash by automatic classification rules ... Automatic categorization of chloride migration into concrete modified with CFBC ash M Marks, D Jozwiak-Niedzwiedzka, MA Glinicki Computers and Concrete 9 (5), 375-387 ... Effect of the loading rate on the tensile strength of concrete MA Glinicki MRS ...

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The International Ash Utilization Symposia are a series of biennial symposia covering all aspects of coal combustion by-product utilization. These symposia provide a forum for the transfer of information and new ideas to benefit the innovative utilization, handling, storage and disposal of CCBs. The symposia are organized by the Center for Applied Energy Research at the University …

Analysis of the representativeness and relative severity of

Results show that the length of the moist pretreatment period is a key parameter in scaling resistance of laboratory-tested concrete. A 28-day period of moist curing appears to be optimal and leads to more realistic assessment of the actual scaling resistance of concrete.

Reliable assessment of resistance of concrete paving blocks

The backing concrete of the uneventful types K9 and K11b experienced very high scaling in the CDF procedure and would therefore not be assessed for this test regarding their behavior in installed condition. Bond strength between facing and backing concrete . A possible damage pattern of installed pavers is the spalled facing concrete.

BAW Code of Practice

BAW . Code of Practice: Frost Resistance Tests for Concrete, Issue 2012 . 8 Evaluation of the freeze-thaw resistance after the CIF test 17 8.1 Relevant acceptance criterion - internal damage 17


salt scaling resistance of air-entrained concrete incorporating various sources of Class C, and a Class F fly ash. RESEARCH SIGNIFICANCE The major aim of this work was to evaluate salt scaling resistance of concrete made with Class C and Class F fly ash. The properties measured were compressive strength and salt scaling resistance with

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